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The Fastest Program to Build Your Six-Figure Coaching Practice

  • YES! Please enroll me in the CoachMBA Certified Training Program. I understand this comprehensive program is a 12-module deep-dive training on how to GET MORE paying clients, how to COACH them to a basic level of competency, and how to GROW myself to be the most awesome coach I can be: -- Module #1: How to Have a Client (and Yourself) Fully Commit -- Module #2: Triple Your Confidence -- Module #3: Get a Stream of Consultations -- Module #4: Free Consultations that CONVERT -- Module #5: The Coaching Model you can apply every time -- Module #6: Finding Your Perfect Target Market -- Module #7: Command and Negotiate Higher Fees -- Module #8: Leveraging Referrals -- Module #9: Get a Stream of Clients From Alliances -- Module #10: Goal Setting &&Purpose -- Module #11: Getting Clients From Public Speaking -- Module #12: Celebration and Structures for Ongoing Success!  
  • YES! I understand I will receive new video lessons every week starting immediately, and I'll coach, be coached and observe coaching on a weekly basis, for 12 weeks. I will have 24 hour access to the online forum where I can ask questions of the CoachMBA head trainer and my new community of coaches. I understand that I can also proceed at my own pace as I have life-access to this training. 
  • BONUS #1: Top Coaching Techniques Training Library ($1,000) I understand I will get to listen in on powerful coaching sessions and learn to master my craft with this unique resource, and that this valuable bonus arrives in Week 2 of my program. (Online access to 8 volumes of audio and transcript).
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  • BONUS #2: Coaching Forms Mega-Package ($1,000) I will receive 30+ coaching revenue generators in the form of forms and templates painstakingly created and tested by David over many years. I will receive it in PDF format ready to go, and WORD FORMAT so I can make my own edits, and even brand the forms as my own! (Arrives in Week 5!).
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  • BONUS #3: CoachMBA LIVE! Event Online DVD Program ($1000) YES! Please send me access to online video recordings to all 3 days of the life coach training event that was held in San Francisco, featuring Jack Canfield, so I can "attend" the event from the comfort of my living room. (Arrives in Week 9!).
Jack Canfield
  • BONUS #4: Three Months Group Coaching With David (Priceless) I will get access to group coaching call with David every second Thursday, where I can get my questions answered, and get the program customized to my particular situation. If I cannot make the call or the time slot doesn't work for me, I understand I will get full access to the recordings, and I can still ask my questions through the online forum.  
  • YES! I gladly accept your $10,000 guarantee and have read this paragraph! I understand that in the UNLIKELY event that I take all the lessons (including posting all my prep questions and assignments) and apply this material for a full 12 months, and have not made at least $10,000 in ADDITIONAL INCOME using this training, and am not absolutely thrilled with the value David has provided me, I may ask for a full and complete refund! I understand that once registered I am making a commitment to myself, my practice, and my fellow students, and there are no refunds outside the $10,000 promise. I'm in boots and all!

What Thrilled Students Are Saying

"In the first 10 days since registering for CoachMBA I've gotten 4 paying clients. So amazing!" 

Lauren Trecosta, US

Lauren Trecosta

Estelle Gibbons

"I got my coaching business up and running with 17 clients after just three months, and was already earning $3,000 a month. Plus I was able to keep my job as a helicopter rescue nurse! Two years later, I am now coach to 1,800 staff at a large private hospital, and I LOVE IT!"  

Estelle Gibbons, Australia

"I have gone from being a qualified NLP Practitioner who was not actually practicing, to booking in my first 20 clients!" 

Mel Anderson, UK 

Mel Anderson

Emily Natures

"I’ve taken countless programs over the years, but this is the FIRST one that had me create tangible results in the bank! This is the FIRST one that got me taking massive action over a short period of time. This is the FIRST group program that gave me such close feedback every step along the way. Coaching is such a pleasure after Modules 4 and 5!" 

Emily Naures, Bali

"I fly to Hawaii next month to coach a major corporation!

Colby McFadden, US

Colby McFadden

Sarah Newton

"By the end of three months I had 15 clients and most were paying. Two years down the line I now have a thriving practice - following my passion for coaching teens! David is the Coach Mentor you want in your corner. So fasten your seat belt and prepare for lift off!" 

Sarah Newon, UK

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